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The Ultimate Charging Solution: The TC Charger 2 in 1 6.6KW+1.5KW 312V 20A EV On Board Charger

Feb 21,2024 | TCcharger

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, the need for reliable, efficient, and technologically advanced charging solutions has never been greater. The TC Charger 2 in 1 6.6KW+1.5KW 312V 20A EV On Board Charger stands as a testament to fulfilling that need.

This cutting-edge charger touts a broad input voltage range of AC90V~265V, and an impressive input current of 32A, underscoring the device’s efficiency and performance. More so, the frequency of the charger fluctuates between 45Hz~65Hz, which aligns with the majority of electric standards worldwide. It carries a power factor of more than 0.99 and exhibits an efficiency at full-load of no less than 93%, making it an industry leader in terms of energy conservation.

The TC Charger's sturdiness is also worth noting, as it complies with QC/T 895-2011, the standard for mechanical impact and vibration grade. The charger is designed to withstand different weather conditions, thanks to its robust protection grade of IP67. It is operable in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 85℃ and is storable in temperatures from -55℃ to 85℃.

Not to be outshone is the charger's flexible charging control options. Users can choose between CAN or Enable, offering the adaptability to suit the customer's needs. Its compact size measuring 250(length) x 222(width) x 66.7(height) (fan-cooled) ensures that the TC Charger will fit seamlessly into any space.

Equipped with a variety of protection features, the TC Charger ensures an output over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, polarity reverse, input low voltage, input over-voltage, and over-temperature. This comprehensive range of safety measures provides users with the peace of mind to power up their EVs worry-free.

The TC Charger utilizes the Enforce Air Cooling system, providing optimal performance whilst preventing overheating. You can order your TC Charger through the website [Onboard Charger]( For any questions or inquiries, reach out to, available 24/7.

The TC Charger 2 in 1 6.6KW+1.5KW 312V 20A EV On Board Charger pushes the envelope in terms of speed, efficiency, and safety. With easy installation, zero maintenance, and compatibility with all major EV battery systems, it's the perfect solution for drivers who want to get the most out of their electric vehicles. Upgrade your charging mechanism today and experience the power of electric at its finest.