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Unleashing the Power of Portability: TC Charger 2-in-1

Feb 28,2024 | TCcharger

How often has the dwindling battery icon on your device been the unwelcome guest on your road trips or long drives? Say hello to uninterrupted connectivity and power with the TC Charger 2-in-1, a 6.6KW and 2KW DC to DC On-board Battery Charger designed to redefine your on-the-move charging experience.
We designed our charger with the understanding that your device's battery life should never limit your adventures or business. That's why our 2-in-1 charger supports wholesale customized orders, and offers worldwide shipping. Your purchase also contributes to a healthier planet, as we're committed to carbon neutrality. Plus, we ensure secure payments across our platform, providing you with a safe and reliable shopping experience.
But what makes our TC Charger a game-changer? It's all about performance and flexibility.
Our charger boasts an impressive input voltage range of AC90V~265V and an input current of 32A. With a power factor that's greater than or equal to 0.99 and an efficiency at full load that's greater than or equal to 93%, you're investing in a charger that combines power, efficiency, and reliability.
Durability is never a question since it visibly complies with the QC/T 895-2011 standard for mechanical impact and vibration grade. It presents IP67 grade protection, retaining its functionality and integrity in harsh environments. Whether you're traversing the scorching desert or the freezing tundra, our charger stands robust with operating temperatures from -40℃ to 85℃ and storage temperatures from -55℃ to 85℃.
The size is compact, designed to fit easily: 250mm in length, 222mm in width, and 66.7mm in height. Further, the cooling is efficient through enforced air cooling, assuring overheat is no longer a concern. You'll also appreciate the security features incorporated, including protections for output over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, polarity reverse, input low-voltage, input over-voltage, and over-temperature.
The TC Charger 2-in-1 puts you squarely in control. Its charging process can be controlled by CAN or Enable, allowing for flexibility and adaptability. Should there be any queries, our team, including Fancy at, is eager to assist you. And please remember that depending on the production batch, the matching accessories for your TC Charger may vary, with the actual product prevailing.
With the TC Charger 2-in-1, difficulties of power supply are a thing of the past. Step into the era of unparalleled power and portability. Invigorate your journeys and leave your mark on the road of life, uninterrupted.
Place your order today and electrify your adventures!