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Redefining EV Charging: The TC Charger by Tiecheng

Jan 01,2024 | TCcharger

Driving Electric Vehicles (EVs) has always been a unique experience, but what if we tell you that we can make it even better? At Tiecheng, we continuously innovate to make EV charging more efficient, robust, and convenient for you. We are thrilled to introduce our latest flagship product - the 48v EV Charger, TC Charger. Let's dive deeper into what makes our TC Charger an exceptional addition to your EV Charging solutions!
Lightweight but Powerful
Despite only weighing 4.6kg, the TC Charger packs enough punch to deliver up to 95% power efficiency and more than 93% full load efficiency. A feat that truly sets it apart in the marketplace. This lightweight and efficient charger will ensure your vehicle is always ready to hit the road.
Universal Charging Capabilities
The TC Charger operates across an array of power conditions worldwide with a wide input voltage range of AC90V~AC264V, 45~65 Hz. It conveniently accommodates fluctuating electric-networks which is a boon for global travelers and vehicle exporters.
Intelligent Charging Technology
The TC Charger possesses an intelligent temperature compensation function which prevents battery damage due to sudden charging stop or start. This particular function can greatly extend the lifespan of your battery.
Resilient Design
Our TC Charger is fully-sealed, water-proof, and comes with an impressive protection class of IP67 (Effective against dust tight and protection against Immersion up to 1 m depth). It can withstand harsh operating conditions, with an operational temperature range of -40℃~85℃ and storage temperature range of -55℃~85℃. It also conforms to automotive-grade seismic ratings as per QC/T 895-2011, fortifying it against mechanical impacts and vibrations.
Sophisticated and Safe
Safety is paramount in our designs. The TC Charger is equipped with multi-safety protection features, including input over/under voltage, reverse polarity protection, and output over current/short circuit protection. It has a built-in heat-sensing device and a thermal protection mechanism that automatically recovers the system.
The TC Charger employs an LED charge status indicator for easy diagnosis and support. It supports various battery types such as LiFePO4, Lithium battery, and more. Its flexible programming in charging mode, combined with Enable Control or CAN communication interface, makes it a versatile charging device that ensures real-time communication with BMS.
In short, the TC Charger embodies power, robustness, and efficiency. It aligns with our commitment to provide advanced charging solutions that cater to the needs of our global customer base. Make the switch to smarter charging; upgrade to the TC Charger by Tiecheng, and be part of our sustainable driving revolution. We are the future of EV Charging!