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How Tiecheng Powers Your Electric Vehicle Experience

Dec 28,2023 | TCcharger

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are transforming the transportation landscape. In this world of rapid progression towards sustainable and eco-friendly transport, the efficiency of EV Chargers is a pivotal concern. At Hangzhou Tiecheng Information Technology Co., Ltd, a Sino-US joint venture, we create dynamic solutions that allow drivers to enjoy more time on the road and less time bound to charging stations.

How do we do it? Let's illuminate our journey.

Tiecheng - Lighting the Path to Innovation

Established in December 1999 in Hangzhou, China, Tiecheng is a prolific manufacturer of high-tech hardware and software products. Our facilities, spanning a solid 2100 square meters, house a robust team dedicated to Research & Development, production, sales, and information services.

Leveraging our strong financial backing and cutting-edge international technology, we've successfully developed a range of top-notch products such as the HF/PFC Battery Charger, DC/DC Converter Battery Indicator, and more. By taking on rigorous R&D activities and continuously evolving, Tiecheng has been faithfully serving the world of charging for over two decades.

Charging Solutions: Our Core Strength

Our products are designed explicitly for superior performance and efficiency. They are extensively used in electric vehicles, golf carts, electric boats, forklifts, pallet trucks, cleaning equipment, and many more.

Moreover, we extend our technological footprints to critical fields like UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), solar power, wind power, Communication rail systems, and other communication industries. Our sophisticated charging systems not only meet international standards but also provide highly efficient power conversion for various charging applications.

Global Reach

Empowered with top-grade quality, an excellent reputation, and impeccable after-sales services, Tiecheng has earned the trust of countless customers worldwide. Our products have been exported to 30 countries across the globe. At Tiecheng, we ensure that quality control and customer satisfaction are at the helm of our operations, and we persistently strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

The Future is Here

The road to sustainability is now more promising than ever. At Tiecheng, we believe that the future of transportation will be increasingly dependent on smart and efficient charging solutions. That's why we commit to providing innovative solutions that charge faster, enabling drivers to go further.

Join us at Tiecheng as we power up and drive into a sustainable future!