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Main parameters and functions of electric vehicle obc

Feb 15,2023 | TCcharger

The electric vehicle energy supply system is mainly composed of a power supply system, charging system, and power battery, and also includes charging monitoring, battery management, and smoke alarm monitoring.

The on-board charger is an important part of the charging system.
Charging electric vehicles is generally divided into three methods: ordinary charging, fast charging, and battery replacement, and the on-board charger provide ordinary charging, which is what we often call slow charging.

01. The main functions and advantages and disadvantages of on-board chargers
The on-board charger is fixedly installed on the electric vehicle, connected to the AC socket through a socket and a cable, and provides charging power to the electric vehicle with a three-phase or single-phase AC power supply.
The car charger has two parts, the power supply part (main circuit) and the charger control board.
The main board of the charger control board mainly controls, monitors, measures, corrects, protects, and communicates with the external network on the power supply. It is the central brain of the on-board charger.
The main function of the power supply part is to convert AC power into DC power. The power supply part is divided into two parts, PFC and LLC. In fact, we can regard PFC as AC/DC, and LLC as DC/DC.
The advantage of the on-board charger is that no matter where the power battery needs to be charged at any time, as long as there is an AC socket suitable for the rated voltage of the on-board charger, the electric vehicle can be charged.
The disadvantage of the on-board charger is that it is limited by the space of the electric vehicle, the power is small, the output charging current is small, and the charging time is long.

02. The composition and working principle of the on-board charger
As a power electronic system, the on-board charger is mainly composed of a power circuit and a control circuit.
For the power circuit, the DC/DC converter composed of transformers and power tubes is an important part; for the control circuit, its core is the controller, which is used to communicate with the battery management system BMS and control the power circuit according to the three The segmented charging curve charges the power battery.
When the on-board charger is connected to the AC power, it does not immediately output power to the battery, but through the battery management system BMS, first collects, analyzes and judges the state of the battery, and then adjusts the charging parameters of the charger.

03. Main parameters and test requirements of on-board charger
The main parameters of the on-board charger include input voltage range, output voltage range, charging power and conversion efficiency.
Output voltage/current error test, voltage and current stabilization accuracy test, ripple coefficient test, power factor test, voltage limiting and current limiting characteristic test, efficiency test, etc. are all necessary test items for on-board chargers.
With its superior environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics, electric vehicles have become the development direction of new energy vehicles in the future, and can realize the diversification and cleanliness of energy utilization in the transportation field.
As the energy supply system of electric vehicles, the charging system plays a pivotal role in the development of electric vehicles and is an important support in the process of commercialization and industrialization of electric vehicles.

As a charging mode, on-board charging is an important development direction of charging technology. Its high efficiency, low loss, high utilization rate and total social input cost have become the current research hotspots.

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