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Can you leave an onboard charger plugged in all the time?

Feb 22,2023 | TCcharger

In case you're a person who spends quite a few time at the water, an onboard battery charger is a need to-have on your boat. An onboard battery charger is fabricated from as much as four separate battery chargers (called "banks") that are housed collectively in a single casing that can be set up in your boat. This lets in you to fee a couple of batteries simultaneously, as an alternative of getting to fee them one at a time. Preserve reading for precious hints on how to locate the proper onboard charger in your boat.

Does My Boat Motor Charge My Battery?

Boats generally have  exceptional varieties of batteries on board; beginning batteries to turn over the engine and deep cycle batteries that electricity extra accessories like trolling automobiles, fish finders and stay nicely pumps. Maximum modern-day outboard vehicles that have an electric powered begin will have an alternator in an effort to rate your beginning battery as soon as the motor is going for walks. That looks after the beginning battery, however, the alternator will now not fee your deep cycle batteries.

So that you can hold your deep cycle batteries, you want a separate charger just for them. Having an onboard charger saves you the trouble of getting to disconnect your batteries at the cease of the day if you want to rate them. With an onboard charger, charging your deep cycle batteries is as simple as plugging in the charger when you reach land. Plus, in case your outboard motor doesn't have an alternator, you can use your onboard charger for your starting battery too.

Should I Leave My Onboard Charger Plugged In?

Whilst charging any battery, you need to be sure that you do not overcharge it. Overcharging a battery can motive irreparable harm, appreciably shortening its lifespan. Primary battery chargers want to be monitored while charging to make certain that the battery doesn't emerge as overcharged.

Most onboard chargers, but, will come ready with some sort of protection in opposition to overcharging, typically a drift or protection mode. As soon as your battery reaches its ideal nation of price, the onboard charger will pass into waft mode and transfer itself off robotically. Once the battery drops underneath its superior nation of price, the charger will switch itself returned on and begin charging the battery once again. If your onboard charger has a drift or renovation degree, you may keep it plugged in indefinitely without fear of overcharging your battery.

What Onboard Battery Charger Do I Need?

While choosing an onboard charger, ensure that you do a little research first. Considering you'll be installing it on a boat, the charger you select ought to be fully water-proof, resistant to corrosion and capable of be set up in damp or moist locations. As with any battery charger, you furthermore mght want to make sure that it is compatible with the chemistry and voltage of the batteries onboard your boat. As an example, when you have a flooded 12 volt lead acid beginning battery and a 12 volt AGM deep cycle battery, you'll need a charger with separate banks for every of those battery types.

How Do I Install an Onboard Charger?

Maximum onboard chargers will come with instructions on a way to mount them in your boat. The technique is reasonably trustworthy and might typically be finished in a rely of hours. If you aren't mainly technical although, you may have it hooked up professionally.

A few things to preserve in mind. While mounting the charger, make sure to maintain a few space among the charger and the batteries, but function it close enough in order that the cables can attain the battery terminals. You also need to make certain that the plug can be without difficulty linked to an extension cord whilst it's time to price.

How Long Does It Take for a Marine Battery to Charge?

With the intention to determine a battery's charging speed, you need to understand two things: the amp hour score of your battery and the amperage of the battery charger. As soon as you have this statistics you could determine the charging time by using dividing the battery's amp hour rating by using the amperage of your charger. For instance, a 75Ah battery the usage of a 7.Five amp charger will take more or less 10 hours to completely fee.

What are Some Onboard Battery Charger Suggestions?

TC CHARGER has a number of onboard chargers available. Here are a few of our top suggestions:

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