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What is the need of an on board charger in an electric vehicle?

Jun 02,2023 | TCcharger

What is the need of an on board charger in an electric vehicle?

The on board charger in an electric vehicle is an essential technology that makes it possible to recharge the batteries on the go. It is the most important component for making the electric vehicle viable for everyday use. With an on board charger, you don’t have to worry about finding places where you can plug into your car in order to recharge it.

On board chargers work by converting the alternating current (AC) power from the grid into direct current (DC) power. This DC power is then delivered to the battery in order to recharge it. The on board charger is usually integrated with the vehicle’s power system, which makes it easy to use.

An on board charger also allows you to recharge your vehicle when it is not connected to the grid. This means that you don’t have to find somewhere to plug in your vehicle when you are on the go. The charger can recharge the battery using solar energy or wind power, which means you can keep your vehicle going even when you’re away from home.

Most modern electric vehicles come with an on board charger already included as standard. This ensures that the vehicle is able to be recharged without any extra equipment or connections. The charger is responsible for making sure that the battery is recharged correctly and efficiently. It also helps prolong the battery's life, ensuring that it can continue to provide the necessary power for your electric vehicle.

The on board charger is a crucial component for any electric vehicle as it makes it possible to recharge the battery without having to plug it into the grid. It can help to keep your vehicle running no matter where you’re going, and it helps to extend the lifespan of the battery. Make sure you are equipped with an on board charger when you get your electric vehicle so that you can enjoy the convenience of being able to recharge on the go.

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