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What is the benefit of onboard charger?

May 04,2023 | TCcharger

The onboard charger is an essential part of any electric vehicle, as it is responsible for converting the high-voltage energy stored in the battery pack into usable electricity that powers the vehicle’s motors. This device is becoming increasingly important as the electric vehicle industry continues to grow, and there are several potential benefits that come with having an onboard charger.

First, the onboard charger allows for faster charging times. This is especially true for vehicles that have a fast-charging capability, as the onboard charger is able to convert the energy stored in the battery into usable electricity more quickly than other methods. This increases the convenience of charging your electric vehicle, since you can charge it in less time and get back out on the road quicker. 

In addition, the onboard charger can also be used to support bidirectional charging modes. This means that it can convert the DC power from the high-voltage battery pack into AC power to support AC loads (V2L) as well as grid power (V2G) and even other electric vehicles. This can be especially useful in situations where multiple vehicles need to be charged at once, as the onboard charger can help provide the extra power needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Finally, an onboard charger can also help extend the life of your electric vehicle’s battery. This is because the onboard charger is designed to be more efficient than other charging methods, which means that it will draw less energy from the battery while still providing the necessary power needed to keep your vehicle running. This can help reduce the amount of energy that is lost during charging, which means that your battery will last longer and require less maintenance over its lifetime. 

Overall, the onboard charger is an essential component of any electric vehicle, and it can provide several benefits that make owning an electric vehicle more convenient and cost-effective. From faster charging times to increased battery life, the onboard charger can make the ownership experience more enjoyable and provide more value for your money.