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What is on board charger advantages and disadvantages?

May 29,2023 | TCcharger

What is on board charger advantages and disadvantages?

An On Board Charger is a device designed to charge a secondary power source, such as a battery, from an onboard generator. This type of charger provides an automatic charging solution and allows batteries to be charged with no manual intervention, increasing convenience and safety.

Advantages of On Board Chargers

1. Easy to install and maintain: On Board Chargers are relatively easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for quick and easy use.

2. Automation: On Board Chargers eliminates the need for manual intervention, providing an automated solution to battery charging, which increases safety and convenience.

3. Cost effective: On Board Chargers are cost effective compared to other charging solutions, such as stand-alone chargers or off-board chargers.

4. Flexibility: On Board Chargers allow for multiple charging options, as they can be programmed with several charging profiles for various battery types and sizes.

5. Maximum versatility: On Board Chargers are designed to be used in a variety of applications, allowing for maximum versatility.

Disadvantages of On Board Chargers

1. Not suitable for all applications: On Board Chargers are not suitable for all applications and may require a more detailed charging solution in certain cases.

2. Low efficiency: On Board Chargers are often not as efficient as stand-alone or off-board chargers and can take longer to charge.

3. Cost: While On Board Chargers can be cost effective overall, they do require an upfront cost and may not be suitable for low budget applications.

Overall, On Board Chargers are a popular choice for those looking for an automated, cost effective charging solution for their battery needs. They are easy to install and maintain and provide a flexible charging solution for a variety of applications. However, they are not suitable for all applications and can be less efficient than other charging solutions.