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Unlocking the Power of TC Charger: A Comprehensive Guide

Dec 09,2023 | TCcharger

In the realm of electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions, TC Charger stands out as a reliable and efficient charging solution. With a power-packed 6.6KW capacity and versatile compatibility with battery systems ranging from 48V to 96V, the TC Charger brings forth a cutting-edge charging experience. This blog aims to delve into the features, applications, and specifications of the TC Charger, shedding light on its role in powering electric forklifts, golf cars, trucks, buses, yachts, and various other electric vehicles.

Key Features of TC Charger:

  1. Input Voltage Flexibility: The TC Charger boasts an impressive input voltage range of AC90V to 264V, ensuring adaptability to diverse power sources.

  2. High Power Efficiency: With an efficiency rating of ≥93% at full loading and a power factor of ≥0.99, the TC Charger minimizes energy loss during charging cycles.

  3. Compact and Robust Design: Measuring at 270mm (length) x 230mm (width) x 110mm (height) and weighing approximately 10kg, the TC Charger combines portability with durability.

  4. Wide Output Voltage Range: Offering an output voltage range from 50V to 650V, the TC Charger accommodates various lithium battery configurations, making it a versatile choice for electric vehicles.

  5. Smart Control Options: The TC Charger provides flexibility in control through CAN or Enable options, allowing seamless integration into different electric vehicle systems.

  6. Advanced Protection Mechanisms: Equipped with multiple protection features, including output over-voltage, output low-voltage, short-circuit protection, input polarity reverse, over-temperature, and communication error protection.

Applications of TC Charger:

The TC Charger finds extensive applications in:

  • Electric Forklifts
  • Golf Cars
  • Electric Trucks
  • Electric Tour Buses
  • Electric Yachts
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Wind Power Dynamos
  • Electric Communication Systems on Railways

Series Models and Specifications:

  1. HK-LW Series (Liquid Cooling):

    • Nominal Voltage: 144V, 312V, 540V
    • Max Output Current: 46A, 20A, 14A
    • Output Voltage Range: Varies based on the model
    • Cooling Way: Liquid Cooling
  2. HK-LF Series (Enforce Air Cooling):

    • Nominal Voltage: 144V, 312V, 540V
    • Max Output Current: 46A, 20A, 14A
    • Output Voltage Range: Varies based on the model
    • Cooling Way: Enforce Air Cooling

The TC Charger, with its cutting-edge technology, robust design, and versatile applications, emerges as a pivotal player in the realm of electric vehicle charging. Its adherence to international standards, such as CE certification, ensures reliability and safety. Whether you're powering electric vehicles or harnessing renewable energy sources, the TC Charger proves to be a high-performance solution. Contact us today to explore sample orders and discover the best prices for these export-quality chargers. Unlock the potential of TC Charger for a greener and more sustainable future.