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Unchain the Power of Electric Vehicles: Dive Deep into the Role of On-Board Chargers

May 11,2024 | TCcharger

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In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, there are three key components that determine the charging speed - the charging station, charging cable, and the often neglected - on-board charger. Today's discussion orbits around the crucial and fascinating world of On-Board Chargers (OBC).
The term 'charger' might sound commonplace yet has a twist. The charging stations, also referred to as chargers, imposingly play their part, but the real star player is the on-board charger, inbuilt within your EV.
Understanding charging necessitates a differentiation between direct and alternating current. When alternating current is utilized, it travels via the charging cable to the OBC, then converted to direct current and dispatched to the battery. However, with direct current, the OBC is bypassed, imposing higher demands on the Battery Management System.
Now, what's an OBC's role? Primarily, it governs the current and voltage for battery charging, thereby extending battery longevity. Indeed, this is a dance between constant current and constant voltage charging, meticulously choreographed to optimize speed, efficiency, and safety.
Diving into the types, OBCs vary based upon the phases they utilize and their power output. Typically, they range from 3.7 kW to the high-end 22 kW. The power output and phasing dictate the price, affecting the overall cost of your electric vehicle.
In the foreseeable future, we envisage advancements leading to compact, efficient and high-powered OBCs. With research already yielding a 98% efficiency rate in the first part of the charger, the future of electric vehicles has never looked brighter.
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