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The Compact and Powerful: On-Board Battery Charger for EVs (3.3kW, 180-430Vdc)

Jan 05,2024 | TCcharger

Electric vehicles (EVs), the future of transportation, are only as good as the infrastructure that supports them. A key cog in this setup is the onboard charger- the lifeline of the EV's battery system. The TC Charger 3.3kW traction battery charger module is a prime example of an efficient onboard charger that ensures seamless and efficient charging of your EV batteries.



Compact and impressively efficient, the TC Charger 3.3 kW onboard lithium battery charger (OBC) is an OEM quality charger tailored for all lithium-ion batteries specific to electric vehicles. This charger sports an IP67 rating, highlighting its prowess in withstanding tough conditions, and comes equipped with an integrated cooling plate for optimal performance.


Endowed with built-in support via CAN with Orion BMS, this charger is an apt fit for pure Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). The design, ingeniously crafted, prioritizes the maximal utilization of a standard 16A wall socket.


What’s in the box?


Your purchase includes a complete wiring kit and a set of 90° coolant connectors, fostering a hassle-free setup.


Key Features


This onboard charger boasts a host of features:


  1. Compatibility: This charger is designed for global power grid compatibility, ensuring it reliable for use in any location.
  2. Compact Design: The compact structure coupled with a higher power density offers an unlikely yet efficient blend of size and strength.
  3. Advanced Safety Features: Safety is at the forefront with features like HV interlock (HVIL), passive and active discharge options, and a galvanic isolation for AC input, DC output, and vehicle CAN Interface.
  4. Digitally controlled power conversion: The digitally controlled power conversion ensures a smooth and effective charging process.
  5. Integrated Liquid Cooling: The charger hosts an integrated liquid cooling system, that boosts performance, enhancing overall efficiency and lifespan.
  6. Customizable Features: If needed, optional features like Pilot and Proximity Detection and Integrated Wake-Up can be added.


In Summary


The TC Charger 3.3kW On-Board Lithium Battery Charger is an advanced charging solution that combines power and safety in a compact design. Its global power grid compatibility and an array of advanced safety features make it a dependable companion for your Electric Vehicle or Plug-In Hybrid. So, gear up for an enhanced EV experience with this efficient onboard charger and harness the power of technology to do more, go farther, and drive smarter.