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TC Charger: On-Board Battery Charger (OBC Charger) for Electric Vehicles

Oct 23,2023 | TCcharger

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), efficient and safe charging is paramount. The On-Board Battery Charger, or OBC Charger, is a crucial component that converts AC input from the grid into a DC input to charge the vehicle's traction battery. This blog will delve into the key features and benefits of this technology.

  1. Smart Charging with CAN Bus Communication:

The OBC Charger is equipped with a CAN bus communication system, enabling safe and automatic charging of power batteries in EVs. It communicates with the vehicle's Battery Management System (BMS) to dynamically adjust the charging current or voltage, ensuring that the battery is charged optimally. The charger can receive various charging parameters, and it possesses an automatic wake-up function, providing real-time information and status updates.

  1. Safety First:

Safety is a top priority when it comes to charging electric vehicle batteries. The OBC Charger offers a range of protection functions, including short-circuit protection, reverse connect protection, overheating protection, input protection, no-load protection, and input under-voltage protection. These features ensure that the charging process is secure and reliable.

  1. Versatile Compatibility:

One of the notable advantages of the OBC Charger is its compatibility with a variety of battery types. Whether you have lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, or more, this charger can handle them all. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles, motorcycles, sightseeing vehicles, forklifts, logistics vehicles, golf carts, patrol cars, ships, and communication equipment.

  1. High Efficiency and Longevity:

The OBC Charger boasts high power density, making it compact and lightweight. It not only charges your vehicle efficiently but also enhances battery lifespan. Its CAN communication system provides intelligent alarm capabilities, and the Power Factor Correction (PFC) helps in maintaining high efficiency. It allows remote detection, programming, and fault inquiry for user convenience.

  1. Cooling Options:

To ensure optimal performance, the OBC Charger offers cooling options in the form of air cooling and liquid cooling. This versatility allows users to select the cooling method that best suits their application and environmental conditions.


The On-Board Battery Charger is a critical component in the world of electric and hybrid vehicles, enabling safe, efficient, and versatile charging. With its smart communication capabilities, extensive safety features, compatibility with various battery types, and options for cooling, the OBC Charger is a reliable and indispensable part of the EV ecosystem. Whether you're driving an electric car or managing a fleet of electric vehicles, this technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring your vehicle's power source remains charged and ready for the road ahead.


HK-M/L Series Models Sheet

Series Power Model Type of cooling Output voltage Output voltage range Output Current
OBC 3.3KW HK-MF-48-40 Enforce Air Cooling 48 35~70V 40A
HK-MF-108-32 108V 36~145V 32A
HK-MF-144-23 144V 50~198V 23A
HK-MF-216-14 216V 70~290V 14A
HK-MF-312-10 312V 110~440V 10A
HK-MF-540-06 540V 170~650V 6A
HK-MW-108-32 Liquid Cooling 108V 36~145V 32A
HK-MW-144-23 144V 50~198V 23A
HK-MW-216-14 216V 70~290V 14A
HK-MW-312-10 312V 110~440V 10A
HK-MW-540-06 540V 170~650V 6A
6.6KW HK-LF-108-64 Enforce Air Cooling 108V 36~145V 64A
HK-LF-144-46 144V 50~198V 46A
HK-LF-216-28 216V 70~290V 28A
HK-LF-312-20 312V 110~440V 20A
HK-LF-540-12 540V 170~650V 12A
HK-LW-108-64 Liquid Cooling 108V 36~145V 64A
HK-LW-144-46 144V 50~198V 46A
HK-LW-216-28 216V 70~290V 28A
HK-LW-312-20 312V 110~440V 20A
HK-LW-540-12 540V 170~650V 12A

Electrical Performance:

Accessories: According to different production batches, matching accessories may vary, and the actual product shall prevail!(Any questions please contact

1. Up to 95% power efficiency and more than 93% Full Load efficiency
2. Wide input voltage range AC90V~AC264V 45~65 Hz available for worldwide requirements, convenient for electric-network fluctuation and vehicles exportation.
3. Intelligent temperature compensation function in the charging process, preventing the damage to battery caused by charge-off or charge due, greatly extending the lifespan of battery.
4. Fully-sealed and water-proof, protection class IP67(Effective against dust tight and Protection against Immersion, up to 1 m depth).
5. Operation temperature:- 40℃~85℃;Storage temperature:- 55℃~85℃;Mechanical impact and vibration grade:QC/T 895-2011,Automotive-grade seismic rating.
6. Temperature control with built-in heat-sensing device and automatic recover through the thermal protection.
7. Multi-safety protection functions.
8. LED charge status indication with diagnose support function.
9. Available for various kinds batteries like LiFePO4, Lithium battery etc., Flexible and programmable of the charging mode. Equipped with Enable Control(Automatic Control) or CAN communication interface to realize real-time communication with BMS for options.
10. Input current:16A
11. Power factor:≥0.99
12. Charging control: CAN or Enable
13. Size:198(length) x 244(width) x 95(height)(fan-cooled)
14. Weight only 7.6 kg!
15. Cooling way: Enforce Air Cooling

Safety protections:
1) Input over/under voltage and reverse polarity protection;
2) Output over current / short circuit and over temp protection.