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Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging with Our Advanced Battery Charger

Mar 11,2024 | TCcharger

Hello Readers!
In our continuous quest to provide optimal charging solutions for your electric vehicle (EV), we are proud to introduce our latest lineup of battery chargers infused with advanced technology and steadfast performance. These chargers aren't simply about charging your vehicle's battery, but also about cultivating a reliable and efficient charging experience.
Our chargers accommodate a wide input voltage range, AC85V-AV265V, at 50Hz or 60Hz, perfect for global practices. We have devised chargers that stand the test of time and environment. Fully sealed and water-proof with a protection class of IP46, their durability is enhanced by a vibration-proof level up to SAEJ1378.
Not just sturdy in build, our chargers are smart too! The intelligent temperature compensation function ensures an optimized charging process, regardless of environmental conditions. This function works hand in hand with the algorithm settings for lead-acid and LiFePO4 battery chargers, to prevent damage caused by overcharging and to prolong battery life.
Our chargers are no one-trick ponies. We've catered to a diverse array of batteries including lead-acid, LiFePO4, and more, catering to your specific battery charging needs. Plus, we've embraced 10 unique algorithms for AH setting for lead-acid battery chargers and voltage setting for LiFePO4 battery chargers, even without a CAN module.
Talking about efficiency, our chargers proudly reach highs of over 93% when at full load, reflecting the tireless efforts put into their design and manufacturing. Additionally, our chargers feature an integrated PFC internally, ensuring there's no shock to the electrical network.
Our product range offers tailor-fit solutions for golf carts and EVs alike. With specifications from 1.5KW to 6KW and charging voltages from 24V to a staggering 312V, our robust chargers ensure your journey on the road, or the grass, is uninterrupted and boosted.
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Experience power in a new light with our revolutionized battery chargers. It's much more than charging - it's about powering every journey with reliability and efficiency.
Happy Charging!