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On Board Battery Charger (OBC)

Dec 27,2022 | TCcharger

On Board Battery Charger (OBC)
An on board battery charger is used in an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to charge the traction battery. The On-Board charger system described in the material below converts the AC input from the grid to a DC input which charges the battery. 
Product Description:

CAN bus communication system is adapted to charge the power battery of EV safely and automatically. The On-Board Battery Charger dynamically adjusts the charging current or voltage based on information from the battery management system (BMS). The charger can receive a variety of charging parameters and has an automatic wake-up function, and real-time report charger-related information and status.

OBC Charger can also control the maximum input current, with stable charging, high conversion efficiency, a variety of protection functions, safe and reliability, strong seismic capacity, and other characteristics.
Product Features:

1. High power density, small size, light weight; TheCP and CC signals are also compatible
2. High safety: Short circuit Protection, Reverse connect protection, Overheating protect, Input protection,  no-load protection, Input under voltage protection, etc,
3. long lifespan, high efficiency: with CAN communication intelligent alarm and PFC power Factor Correction .control and guide to connect with the charging pile. remote detection, programmed, and fault inquiry
4. With cooling system: air cooling and liquid cooling.