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How the car charger(on board charger) works?

Mar 14,2023 | TCcharger


The onboard charger works by connecting to an external power source (such as an AC wall outlet) and converting the AC power to DC power. The DC power is then used to charge the battery of the vehicle. The onboard charger also monitors the battery during the charging process to ensure that the battery is not overcharged or damaged. Onboard chargers also typically include safety features such as surge protection and temperature monitoring.

An onboard battery charger typically gets its power from an AC wall outlet, or from a generator or alternator connected to the engine.



1. Identify the Type of Battery Charger Needed

Before purchasing a battery charger, it is important to identify the type of battery charger needed. This is based on the type of battery used. For example, NiMH, NiCd, or Li-ion batteries require different chargers.

2. Consider the Charging Speed

Different battery chargers have different charging speeds. Selecting a charger with the right charging speed for the battery is important to ensure proper charging of the battery.

3. Look for Safety Features

When selecting a battery charger, it is important to look for safety features such as overcharge protection, temperature monitoring, and reverse polarity protection.

4. Choose a Convenient Form Factor

Battery chargers come in various form factors. Depending on the application, selecting a charger with a convenient form factor is important.

5. Consider the Price

When selecting a battery charger, it is important to consider the price. Generally, higher quality chargers are more expensive but offer better features and performance. 24 Hours Service. 
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