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Unleashing Power and Efficiency with the 6.6KW Onboard EV Charger

Apr 23,2024 | TCcharger

With the rising demands for efficiency, robustness, and safety in electric vehicle technology, manufacturers have been focusing on developing refined charging solutions. One such innovation that has taken centre-stage is the 6.6KW Onboard Charger, designed exclusively for electric vehicles with Lithium-ion batteries.
A Revolutionary Gadget
This vehicle-mounted onboard charging device is not limited to just electric vehicles (EVs); it's also a perfect match for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Newly improved features, coupled with its compact design, present a significant step towards optimizing the EV charging process.
Function and Performance
The high-performance 6.6KW onboard charger is a piece of potent charging equipment, delivering quick and efficient charging services. It converts AD power from external sources into DC power, a necessity for recharging lithium-ion batteries, significantly reducing charging downtime.
Long-standing Manufacturer Experience
Manufacturers in China have been focusing on crafting EV onboard chargers for over two decades. Their vast experience has helped them understand the nuances of the technology and has played a vital role in the creation of this efficient charging solution.
Multiple Charging Variants
At EV Chargers, we offer TC chargers featuring distinct plug types, cable lengths, and charging speeds to cater to a variety of charging demands. This diversity allows every EV owner to pick a charger that fulfills their specific requirements.
  1. What is a 6.6 kW onboard charger?
    A 6.6KW onboard charger is an efficient power electronics device installe in EVs and PHEVs to convert AC power into DC for recharging purposes.
  2. How fast does a 6.6 kW charger charge?
    While the exact charging speed might vary due to different conditions, a 6.6 kW charger generally can recharge an EV much quicker compared to standard chargers.
Broadening the horizons of electric mobility, the 6.6KW Onboard Charger is a testament to the strides we're making towards achieving a sustainable future. It's time to embrace the revolution in EV charging technology, shattering the boundaries of efficient travel.