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Empowering E-Mobility: Making the Most of TC Charger On Board Chargers for EVs and HEVs

Mar 27,2024 | TCcharger

Greetings, fellow EV enthusiasts and tech explorers!

The core of any Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) lies in its high-voltage battery and its pertinent charging systems, falling within the range of 200 to 450 VDC. The lifeline of this electric mobility core? The on-board charger (OBC). They make charging your vehicle at home or at private or public charging stations a breeze using Alternating Current sources.

Enter TC Charger, the China-based manufacturer that’s been paving the way for EV onboard chargers for over 25 years. With their sophisticated portfolio of products, they are setting new benchmarks in the industry with chargers ranging from a nifty 3.6kW single-phase to a powerful 22kW three-phase converter.

Top-notch efficiency and reliability are the backbone of these chargers, ensuring rapid charging to meet space and weight restriction requirements. These cutting-edge OBCs convene power, innovation, and usability in compact designs that harmonize with your electric mobility needs.

Not to mention, each of their chargers boasts a superior IP65 Waterproof Rating and an Anti-Walking Function. The former ensures your charger remains unscathed and functional in all weather conditions, while the latter adds a layer of safety by preventing unintended vehicular movement. These features manifest the company's commitment to safety and reliability.

One can even put these chargers to use for GOLF carts, electric forklifts, electric ATVs, and low-speed electric vehicles, truly showcasing their multi-functional usage. High Charging Efficiency is a badge these chargers wear with pride, contributing not only to power conservation but minimizing downtime, allowing for more time enjoying the open road.

We highly recommend checking out the product range on their detailed website at where comprehensive information about each product is a click away.

In a world moving towards sustainable and green transport, adopting a quality onboard charger is the difference between a mediocre and exceptional EV experience. That’s where TC Charger On Board chargers come in. Backed by over two decades of experience, each TC Charger product stands as a testament to quality, performance, and mindful design which is certain to power your ride to a smarter future.

Glad to see you here, and we hope you continue to stay charged!