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Charge On-The-Go with the Innovative TC Charger On Board Charger

Mar 20,2024 | TCcharger

Hello Readers!
Imagine living in a world where charging your electric vehicle (EV) was as simple as stopping for a coffee. No more hunting for charging stations, no more prolonged wait times. Welcome to the reality brought to you by the TC Charger On Board Charger.
This high-tech marvel incorporates charging within your vehicle, making it your trusted companion on the road. The On Board Charger’s core function is simplicity – power up your EV anytime, anywhere. It not only kicks charging station limitations to the curb but also makes your journeys smoother and more convenient.
Exhibiting remarkable versatility, our On Board Charger accommodates a vast input voltage range, AC85V-AV265V at 50Hz or 60Hz, satisfying global requirements. We've ensured it offers performance as solid as its build. It's fully sealed, waterproof, rated at an impressive IP46 protection class, and SAEJ1378 vibration-proof level—a testament to its rugged durability.
But these attributes only scratch the surface. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each EV battery, the On Board Charger extends compatibility to a variety of battery types, including lead-acid and LiFePO4 batteries. A noteworthy feature is its intelligent temperature compensation function, providing a safe, controlled charging process regardless of environmental conditions.
Moreover, we've used advanced technology to incorporate 10 distinct algorithms for lead-acid battery chargers and voltage settings for LiFePO4 battery chargers, even without a CAN module. It speaks volumes about the charger's adaptability and commitment to serving diverse charging needs.
The charger's full load efficiency exceeds 93%, an exquisite reflection of our commitment to providing energy-efficient charging solutions. Its internal PFC integration avoids electrical network shocks, doing its part in preserving the robustness of your vehicle and its battery.
Available for discoherent battery requirements and vehicle types, ranging from golf carts to EVs, the TC Charger On Board Charger revolutionizes the charging experience.
For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at +86-17746808041 or drop us an email at
With our TC Charger On Board Charger, charging isn't a pitstop—it becomes part of the journey itself. Stay powered, stay moving, and embrace an unmatched charging experience.
Until next time, happy charging!