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Enjoy a cheaper faster smart EV charging experience

Oct 25,2022 | TCcharger

Enjoy a cheaper, faster and more convenient smart EV charging experience
The TC CHARGER is the smartest electric vehicle charger available on the market. Chock-full of the latest smart features, this innovative EV charger brings you cheaper, faster and more advanced home charging.

Due to the awareness of environment that has caused the blooming of renewable energy industry, electric vechiel has become one of the beneficiaries resulting from worldwide fossil fuel car banning policy.
Nowadays, more and more public transportation such as electric bus, electric cars,electric vessel have play more important roles for the growth of the EV industry. All these kinds of equipments share a common trait that needs built-in (On-Board Battery Charger, OBC) to supply power whenever the machine is running.
As the key component for electric vehicle, OBC is referred to as the charger that install on the charging equipment. It will automatically adjust the voltage/ current during powering up and change the AC power source from grid, into DC source.
Moreover, there is even high-end requirement as Bi-directional on-board charger(BOBC) that can support AC and DC switching in both directions, allowing EVs to send back power to the gird to accomplish the usage of Vehicle-to-Grid(V2G).
Test OBC with High Performance Programmable Power Sources
The power of EVSE and OBC have increased in general to reduce the charging time, and OBC has evolved from single phase 3.3kW or 6.6kW to three phase 11kW or 12kW. For different types of electric vehicles, many OBC suppliers, on the structural prospect, have introduced integrated products such as OBC and DC/DC converters or OBC, DC/DC converters and PDU. At R&D and production stage, these OBCs all require high performance and high efficiency test & measurement products to ensure their capability and durability.
Preen’s programmable AC sources aim for different types of OBCs to simulate multiple international test standards, such as IEC 61851-1:2001, GB/T 18487.1-2015 or QC/T 895-2011.
  ∎ Programmable Setting - input voltage and frequency parameters according to different needs, and have precise control over the waveform by programmable transient, step and ramp features to simulate various types of power line disturbances.
  ∎ Durability Testing - Not only set up the testing sequences for repeated cycles or automatic on and off, but also simultaneously monitor the test results via designated PC software.
The features of Preen’s programmable AC power sources can help to speed up the operation and testing process:
  ∎ The output power range is from 600VA to 2MVA with programmable simulation functions. It is suitable for testing multiple OBCs at the same time, increasing the testing speed and productivity.
  ∎ Communication interfaces includes USB, Ethernet, GPIB, Analog, RS-232, and RS-485. The software, Preen Program, has comprehensive programming features, which help users to easily control AC source without further needs of programming. LabView driver is also available for easy programming.
  ∎ Complete protections include OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, LVP, RCP, and other 29 protections. The built-in Error Log can record up to 255 error messages for easier trouble shooting.
  ∎ A high performance AC source with fast response time, low total harmonic distortion and tight voltage regulation. With its technically advanced features, users can easily simulate power line disturbance, such as sags, surges, dropouts and spikes.
Preen Provides you the Best Solution of EV Application Tests
Preen has complete AC and DC programmable power source and testing system solutions that especially focus on the growing EV market. The newly launch EVSE ATS system complies with US, EU, Japan, China and Taiwan testing standards.
The key components including OBCs, high-voltage motor, DC/DC converter and motor inverter can also be tested by our programmable AC&DC power source to verify product capability and reliability as your ideal solution for EV T&M applications.(Learn more:Preen’s EVSE ATS to Maximize Your Charger Testing Capability !)