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Why is an on board charger required in an electric car?

May 26,2023 | TCcharger

Why is an on board charger required in an electric car?

Electric cars are slowly becoming more and more popular, offering a great alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles. One aspect of electric vehicles that many owners may not know about, however, is the fact that they require an onboard charger.

An onboard charger is an essential component for an electric car to charge its batteries. The charger draws power from an external source, such as a wall outlet, and safely charges the vehicle’s battery. This charger is typically installed in the engine compartment or in the trunk of the car.

Having an onboard charger is advantageous for electric car owners for various reasons. Firstly, it means that drivers don’t have to take the car to a charging station in order to fill up. This can be especially beneficial for electric car owners who don’t have access to public charging stations. By having the charger in the car, electric car owners can take advantage of charging opportunities wherever they have a power outlet.  

Onboard chargers also increase the convenience factor for electric car users. Charging overnight is often a preferred choice and with an onboard charger this becomes an easy and straightforward task. Additionally, these chargers tend to be smaller and more lightweight than other charging systems, meaning they can be securely mounted within the vehicle. 

Onboard chargers come in different sizes and have varying charges and output power. Choosing the appropriate charger for your car depends on factors such as the battery size and the type of charger that best suits your usage needs. It’s important to ensure the correct charger is selected for your electric car as having an inadequate charger can reduce the life of the vehicle's battery or cause permanent damage. 

Overall, an onboard charger is essential for any electric car and is an important factor to consider when choosing the right car for you. With an onboard charger, electric car owners can rest assured that they have the ability to charge their car’s battery safely and conveniently.