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What does a converter do in an electric car?

Jan 03,2023 | TCcharger

A device that increases or decreases the voltage (AC or DC) of a electricity source depending on software. A converter that increases voltage is referred to as a step-up converter and a converter that decreases voltage is called a step-down converter. In EVs/HEVs step-up and step-down converters are blended into one unit. An application of a step-up converter is converting EV/HEV battery voltage (usually one hundred eighty-three hundred volts) to approximately 650 volts to energy the traction motor. An advantage of the usage of a converter to boom voltage from the battery is a smaller and much less luxurious battery can be used whilst nonetheless utilising an green excessive voltage motor. An software of a step down inverter would be lowering the excessive voltage direct current (DC 180-300 volts) from the HEV/EV battery to low voltage (12-14 volts) DC that may be used to price the 12 volt auxiliary battery and operate light load gadgets including lights, radio, and home windows.