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How much does it cost to convert a car to electric?

Jan 12,2023 | TCcharger

In an age where the sector tries to reduce greenhouse fuel emissions to store the weather, electric car conversions have seen a gradual upward thrust. It is also no mystery that the U.S. Environmental safety company (EPA) currently reported stricter car emissions rules, limiting using diesel-powered automobiles in particular locations.

With these urgent environmental crusades and stipulations surrounding diesel-fuel motors, an EV conversion is the most possible solution for motors to thrive in the future.

The idea of digital car (EV) conversion seems to be incredibly new in the public cognizance. That is why there’s been quite a few skepticisms concerning its reliability in recent years. Some human beings have questions about it. Others also wonder whether it’s road felony in precise geographic places.

In this text, you may learn how EV conversion works, how a great deal an EV conversion costs, and the procedure involved in changing an EV.

Why Convert To Electric Vehicles?

Electric motors are computerized automobiles that are powered thru electric motors, using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries like your cellphone or laptop. Due to the fact electric cars are rechargeable, they're plugged into external electric-powered energy assets, just like our everyday devices.

A champion in fuel performance, EV conversion has to end up a sizeable step in sustainable transportation. Electric-powered cars are considered a cleaner opportunity than their traditional opposite numbers, as they emit a lower carbon footprint. 

No longer best does it advantage the surroundings, but EV conversion is also a validated solution to lessen operating charges for automobile proprietors. That is especially genuine within the united states of America, as diesel-fuel cars price 10 cents per mile, whereas electric automobiles simplest cost about three cents in keeping with a mile. Believe if you begin using an electric-powered automobile today – in ten years, you'll shop an approximate general of $6,320 over its diesel-powered counterpart.

Plus, shopping for today's electric automobile will fee you large dollars. So, converting your regular vehicle is a much more practical alternative that also allows you to hold its sentimental price. 

However, it’s crucial to note that even as you'll shop loads in the succeeding years compared to owning a diesel-powered car, electric automobile (EV) conversion requires extensive advance capital.

What Is Electric Vehicle Conversion?

An electric car conversion is a modern system of changing a vehicle's combustion engine and drivetrain additives with an electric motor and a big financial institution of batteries. As a result, it creates an all-encompassing electric-powered car, minus the power of gas emissions.

As promising as it sounds, knowledge of the method and goal of electronic conversion is imperative before starting an EV mission. With this, you've got a clearer idea of what outcomes to anticipate.

What Is The Electric Vehicle Conversion Process?

Converting your diesel-fuel car into an electric is a complex process that requires professional expertise and fingers-on expertise in mechanical, electrical, and automobile engineering. Here is a simplified breakdown of what you may assume throughout an EV conversion system.

Identifying The Right Vehicle

The conversion system starts with choosing the proper automobile to transform. The possible automobile needs to be powered via petrol or diesel to be certified.

Extracting And Substituting The Drivetrain

Here’s where the actual process of conversion starts – consider this as an operation where the organs are extracted and changed with new ones. Within the case of EV conversion, the gas tank, the engine, the gearbox, the starter, as well as different tricky related hardware are just like the organs that are sooner or later extracted. 

As soon as unloaded, the eliminated elements are replaced with new drivetrain additives, which include the electrical motor and a set of batteries. This essentially gives your vehicle a brand-new lifestyle!

Choosing The Appropriate Power Type/Source

The DC unit is the most commonplace choice for replacement, but an AC machine also can be a possible alternative. In phrases of motor sizes, this will in large part rely upon your vehicle's weight and length, but preference for performance also can be a factor.

Choosing The Appropriate Battery

The battery %, of direction, will pressure the motor. Lead-acid batteries are the usual option for installation, even though they have a tendency to have a small operating variety for a fee. Lithium cells are also an option with a much greater remarkable range, now not to mention they're smaller and lighter. 

The range of batteries is wanted, but, depends on the size of your vehicle. Larger batteries, via default, occupy bigger spaces to suit.

Configuring the Power And Charging System

To manipulate the power flow between the battery and the motor, wirings, and different elaborate components, a reliable charging device is needed to energy up the batteries via an electric-powered circuit. To get the most out of the EV conversion, you want to operate your vehicle's air conditioner, heater, and electricity guidance systems by adding additional hardware. You also ought to take note that this will come with an extra cost for set up.


Once your car has been converted, the automotive engineer or specialist will then assess your vehicle's performance and safety before giving the go signal for your wheels to hit the road.

What Affects Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion Price?

An ultra-modern electric-powered automobile can value you around $32,900 to $50,990 as the standard market price. At the same time as a state-of-the-art automobile may be a great deal, changing your modern-day automobile can keep money appreciably, as the standard conversion fee is simplest around $15,000 to $20,000. But, this depends on the type of automobile you very own and your preferred variety.

Truth be advised, there may be no definitive and fashionable cost for an EV conversion, as every automobile and preference is unique. Aside from the hard work, different elements affect the conversion cost, including the fee of batteries, frame design, and technological capacities. To help you calculate the envisioned total prices, here are the factors that affect conversion fees:

Car Design

Your vehicle’s unique design and aesthetic choices are the primary elements that affect the conversion value. Intricate layout additives will affect your automobile’s weight – heavier motors require greater electrical power to get them to speed. This clearly approaches that you need larger batteries to replenish greater electric-powered energy. 

The layout intricacy and age of your vehicle may also have an impact on the cost calculation. Most older automobiles have a simpler layout, which means lower installation fees.


The batteries are the primary factor that differentiates electric vehicles from diesel-gasoline cars. This is additionally the most pricey part of EV conversion. The value of batteries relies upon variables: the energy required and your variety of desires. The higher the range, the more strength it calls for, and, the extra luxurious it gets.


Knowing the voltage of your battery is vital whilst choosing a charger for an EV conversion. You need to pick out the maximum and minimal voltage of your battery %, and your charger’s voltage range needs to correspond with the battery potential as properly. Chargers that could assist with a better voltage range will certainly free you a large amount of cash.

Electric Motor Or Engine

Your electric motor depends on the power, voltage, and manufacturer of your battery pack. If the engine has a power output of 14kW and an operating voltage of 100V, it will cost you around $800 to $1,000. If the motor has a power output of 200kW and higher, the cost can go up to $3,200 or more.


In case you purchase an electric-powered motor, chances are controllers can be sold as a motor combination. Not only are you able to advantage of discounts, but, motor and controller combos are also commonly configured to one another. This protects you from additional costs and guesswork. A couple of manufacturers including Curtis sell motor-controller combinations with consumer-friendly functionalities if you want to navigate settings.

Whilst the fee of controllers varies with the aid of motor and dealer, the cheapest one will value you around $1,000, and the pricey alternatives can go as high as $10,000. We advocate you seek advice from your EV automotive engineer first for realistic options.

EV Conversion Cost Overview

So, how much does an EV conversion cost? Below is a breakdown of how different factors can affect your total price tag. Please note that overall costs still vary as you still need to pay for any miscellaneous costs and the costs of your preferred additions. 

Components Minimum Cost Maximum Cost
Car Design + configurations Depends on the car Depends on the car
Batteries  $16,000  $46,000
Charger $600 $6,000
Electric motor $800+ $3,200+
Controller $1,000 $5,000
Miscellaneous expenses $2,000 $5,000
Total Cost $20,400 (excluding car design configurations) $65,200 (excluding car design configurations)

Frequently Asked Questions About EV Conversion

Here is a quick summary table of the most common questions people ask about electric vehicle (EV) conversion:

What vehicles are ideal for EV conversion and why?

The suitable automobiles for an EV conversion are cars with enough space for batteries and heavier drivetrain additives so that you can revel in a better variety and greater options.

How long does it take to convert my car?

Since the labor for EV conversion has tons of moving parts and configurations, the approximate timeline to fully convert your regular car to electric is 3 to 6 months

Is it possible to convert any car into an electric?

Yes, as long as it is still in great condition.

Once EV conversion is done, is it possible to revert my electric car back to its original diesel-powered form?

Yes, but it defeats the purpose of conversion and would cost you more money.

Yes, as long as it is registered and authorized by the U.S. Department of Motor Vehicles and Alternative Fuels on the Data Center. Your automotive specialist can provide you with a definitive process and tips on what you need to do in the first 30 days of your newly converted vehicle.

It is not recommended, as some specific reconfiguration requires expertise and authorization. This also prevents you from experiencing issues with your electric car in the future.

Final Thoughts

An electric vehicle (EV) conversion project has tons of moving parts that require time and budget to succeed. If you're looking to convert your vehicle into a high-performing electric car, expect to spend more on batteries and other drivetrain components. 

While the process can be confusing, don't forget to consult with your automotive specialist for a clear timeline of completion.  

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