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Direct Current (DC) INTRODUCTION

Jan 03,2023 | TCcharger

The batteries of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) typically output several hundred volts of Direct Current (DC). However, the electric components inside the vehicle vary in their voltage requirements, with most running on a much lower voltage. This includes the radio, dashboard readouts, air conditioning, and in-built computers and displays.
A DC-to-DC converter is a category of power converters, which converts a DC source from one voltage level to another. It can be unidirectional, which transfers power only in one direction, or bidirectional, which can transfer power in either direction. Moreover, a DCDC converter is a critical component in the architecture of a BEV, where it is used to convert power from the high voltage (HV) bus to the 12V Low Voltage (LV) bus to charge the LV battery and power the onboard electric devices.